Day TWO – in pictures 2015

#VGKUNST2015 is over, but what an event, what a experience… It was amazing because their was a genuine exchange of time, presence and dedication by everyone involved. For me this was how every day should look like. THANK YOU

John Court
Vincent Campos
Kurt Johannessen
Claire Blundell Jones
Claire Blundell Jones
Olav Venø - Instalation
Katri Kainulainen & Maximilian Latva
Maximilian Latva
Nigel Rolfe - Group Performance
Karianne Stensland - Group Performance
Katri Kainulainen and John Court - Group Performance
Kurt Johannessen and Pavana Reid - Group Performance
John Court - Group Performance
Nigel Rolfe and Karianne Stensland - Group Performance
Kurt Johannessen - Group Performance
Maximilian Latva - Group Performance
Kurt Johannessen, Bjørn Venø and Karianne Stensland - Group Performance
Pavana Reid - Group Performance
Bjørn Venø and Audience - Group Performance
Painting workshop for children by Anita Eide
Spray painting Tractor, supervised by Kaja Koppang
Pannel Discusion hosted by Erik Frris Reitan
Dinner in the Barn
The day after - Walk
The day after - group photo. Some faces missing
The day after - End

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