Katri Kainulainen & Maximilian Latva, Finland

"Emergency Call" Photo: Antti Ahonen

“Emergency Call” Photo: Antti Ahonen

BIOGRAPHY, Katri Kainulainen

Born 1978, lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

Katri Kainulainen is a second generation performance artist who lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Her performances combine humor and flirt with issues of society. She is also active as a curator and organizer of performance art events. Kainulainen has shown her work at performance art festivals both in Finland and internationally: latest performances at Live Action Sweden in Gothenburg, Performance Art Links (PALS) in Stockholm, Tonight in Helsinki,

Infr´action Sète in France and Infr´action Venezia in Italy.


BIOGRAPHY, Maximilian Latva

Born 1966, lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

Maximilian Latva is a sound and visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Latva has worked as a musician, composer, producer, sound engineer and DJ. In 2001 he founded the Ylivoima Recording Studio in Suomenlinna, Helsinki.

Since 1999 he has created music for dance, contemporary circus productions, short films, video works and installations for both national and international venues.

Mid-2000’s he was a member of the experimental pop performance group Selfish Shellfish.

In recent years he has focused on his own music and video works and visual and performance art. His works have been presented at Mad House Helsinki, Gallery Suomesta in Berlin and Stockholm Independent Art Fair.


ARTIST STATEMENT, performing together


In performance I am myself. Through performance one can process a part of you, a part that needs to be communicated with. So joint performances are an interesting way of being with someone you are close with… Which is kind of the way we got to know each other, actually. It is really quite extraordinary, looking at someone and acting in front of an audience. A moment where time stops. It is a form of parallel reality, sharing of which is rather magical.


I wouldn’t enter a situation like that with just anyone. There’s something very intimate. With most people, it would be impossible for me to share space that way. I trust her as a person and as an artist… It is an exceptional moment in life. If there were a performance every day, one could possibly be freed of certain fears. Or more likely, there’d be psychosis.


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