Katarina Henriksen, Norway

Dead Sea Gallery, Alex Apt


Katarina Skår Henriksen is an artist working in the field of dance and performance art. She studied at the University of Stavanger, Artness home and Prosjektskolen in Oslo. Katarina is artistic leader of MAIDANS Lørenskog dance festival, co-creator, organiser and artists in the collective Butoh-laboaratorium in Oslo, member of Performance Art Oslo and Naturnvernforbundet. Katarina works actively as professional performer and creator in the field of dance and performance art, collaborating regardlessly with artists from different fields, backgrounds and cultures. Amongst others she is collaborating tightly with the Korean artist Kyuja Bae, through the constellation named Eye of Tree. Eye of Tree has in the recent three years shared their work “Birth-Way” through performances and workshops in Norway, Denmark, Japan and in South-Korea.

Katarina received in 2012 and 2016 art scholarship from Lørenskog municipality and in 2014 Diversestipend from Art Council Norway. In 2014 and 2016 she was granted support to travel to Japan, exploring Japanese aesthetics and culture, as well as butoh dance.


Katarina is a professional dancer, moving artist and an explorer of life, interested in the relationship between poetry, art and nature. She often explores her works with the awareness of nature, where both outside/ cityscape/ landscape is used as locations to research and to perform through dance and performance art. By choosing so she feels a closer bond to the essence of life, meeting each quality in nature, listening to all its voices and embodying it into different expressions and movement qualities. The growing consciousness of our environment today reminds us and trigger us to be awake and humble to each expression that appears in our surroundings, that mirrors, reflects and affects humankind, but as well nature as whole, through moments of days and nights. Even how frightening or easy it might be, Katarina believes that a true expression of art must start from a deep core within. Something that we have experienced or can connect to deeply ourselves, so that we later can share to others the art by universal means.

Her recent research is exploring the meeting point of “bodies” between the very far north and the very south, in this present moment.


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