Kurt Johannessen, Norway

“Tre fluger og ein kopp kaffi”, Haverringen 1185, Kvalnes 2014,
Photo: Pavana Reid



Born 1960 in Norway, Johannessen works within performance artist’s books, video and installations since the early eighties. His work is minimalist and poetic, and at times with a touch of humour. He is his own publisher and has produced more than 70 books, many of them translated into English. The books vary from just one sentence to short stories or just pictures. He has created 250 different performances and has presented his work extensively in Europe, and in some countries in Asia and America. In 2007 he had a larger exhibition, presenting installation video and performances in Bergen Art Museum. Part of the exhibition was retrospective.



Presence in the situation is fundamental to my work. I try to keep whatever
else as open as possible so as not to precondition the possibilities. This
is the starting point. At the same time, however, I am concerned with
finding situations that can generate qualities I have not experienced
before. I frequently minimize to one image and then create microscopic
variations within this frame. At other times the situation has more complex
implications, but remains within a poetical minimalist expression. I mainly
work with performances, installations and books. The works are often
related to place.


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