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Venø Gård KUNST 2 – 3 September 2017

Announcing the date for Venø Gård KUNST 2017 International Performance Art Festival



Video Documentation: Day One 2015

Day One Artists: 

  • Kurt Johannessen performance   ‘Sekstande samtale’
  • Karianne Stensland performance   ‘Row Draw Sink’
  • John Court’s performance
  • Nigel Rolfe’s performance ‘Six chairs at waters edge’

Group Performance One, Performing Artists: 

  • Pavana Reid
  • Kurt Johannessen
  • Katri Tsintsilla Kainulainen & Maximilian Latva
  • Vincent Campos.

Filmed by Mats Muri
Edited by Bjørn Venø


Check out our NEW book 2015

We have made a book from the festival this summer, available to buy from Blurb


The book is limited to 350 copies. The profit goes towards the 2015 festival and future festivals.

On the 11-12 July 2015 the performance artists Claire Blundell Jones, John Court, Karianne Stensland, Katri Kainulainen & Maximilian Latva, Kurt Johannessen & Pavana Reid, Nigel Rolfe and Vincent Campos visited the small island Venøy in Norway to create live art.

Day TWO – in pictures 2015

#VGKUNST2015 is over, but what an event, what a experience… It was amazing because their was a genuine exchange of time, presence and dedication by everyone involved. For me this was how every day should look like. THANK YOU

John Court
Vincent Campos
Kurt Johannessen
Claire Blundell Jones
Claire Blundell Jones
Olav Venø - Instalation
Katri Kainulainen & Maximilian Latva
Maximilian Latva
Nigel Rolfe - Group Performance
Karianne Stensland - Group Performance
Katri Kainulainen and John Court - Group Performance
Kurt Johannessen and Pavana Reid - Group Performance
John Court - Group Performance
Nigel Rolfe and Karianne Stensland - Group Performance
Kurt Johannessen - Group Performance
Maximilian Latva - Group Performance
Kurt Johannessen, Bjørn Venø and Karianne Stensland - Group Performance
Pavana Reid - Group Performance
Bjørn Venø and Audience - Group Performance
Painting workshop for children by Anita Eide
Spray painting Tractor, supervised by Kaja Koppang
Pannel Discusion hosted by Erik Frris Reitan
Dinner in the Barn
The day after - Walk
The day after - group photo. Some faces missing
The day after - End

Day ONE – in pictures 2015

I can not stop expressing how happy we are with #VGKUNST2015, the bar is laid and it is high, all thanks to the artists, volunteers, supporters and visitors. Looking at these pictures gives me a big fat smile.

Exhibition of children's work from Flatraket and Selje Skule
Painting with Anita Eide
Painting with Anita Eide
Spray Painting with Kaja Koppang
Spray Painting with Kaja Koppang
Painting workshop for children by Anita Eide
Pannel Discusion hosted by Erik Frris Reitan
Bonfire = party
VGKUNST2015 - Catering
NOK mat
VGKUNST2015 - bonfire
Bonfire - party
VGKUNST2015 - Dinner
Dinner at the farm house for artists, organisers and volunteers.
VGKUNST2015 - Video Documentation
Mats Muri - Documenting the festival
VGKUNST2015 - Group Performance
Kurt Johannessen
VGKUNST2015 - Group Performance
Katri Kainulainen & Maximilian Latva
VGKUNST2015 - Group Performance
Pavana Reid
VGKUNST2015 - Group Performance
Vincent Campos
VGKUNST2015 - Performance
Karianne Stensland
VGKUNST2015 - Activity
Spray painting Tractor, supervised by Kaja Koppang
VGKUNST2015 - Performance
John Court
VGKUNST2015 - Performance
Kurt Johannesesen
VGKUNST2015 - Performance
Nigel Rolfe
VGKUNST2015 - Audience
VGKUNST2015 - Information Stand
Josh Cryne - Volunteer
VGKUNST2015 - Banner
VGK2015 Banner

See how children responded to the question: “What is Performance Art?” 2015

We did a workshop on ‘what is performance art’ at two schools in Norway. We asked them to draw and paint their response.

The work will be exhibited during the Performance Art Festival on Venøy 11-12 July 2015 11:00-18:00

Project run by: Anita Eide
Music in the video: Steven Cunningham-Sherre

Venø Gård KUNST giving thoughts to Sculptures 2015

Bjørn’s little sister and friends have been busy in Oslo! The statues in the famous Vigelald Park sent a few messages on behalf of Venø Gård Kunst’s spirit that, “All art dreams of being alive”.

Come and join us from the 11-12th of July and see live art or, in other words – Performance art on the island of Venøy, Norway!


Easter on Venø Gård 2015

Mobile phone panorama pictures from Venø Gård Easter 2015

Venøy Vinter Venøy utsikt Venøy Vaten Venøy Myr Venøy Strand

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Crowd Funding Videos 2015

VGKUNST Artist Promo 2015

A short example of each VGKUNST2015 artist work