Panel Discussion 2015

Panel Discussion Host Erik Friis Reitan


Erik sandtak Crop

Erik Friis Reitan will lead the two panel discussions at the festival.

Erik Friis Reitan is a visual artist working with photography and installation. He holds an MA in Fine Art from Trondheim Art Academy (NO) and a BA in Photography from Kent Institute of Art & Design (UK). Alongside his art practice he has also worked with teaching and art criticism —> Full bio

Close encounters

Close encounters – the relationship between artist, artwork and viewer in performance art

Performance art is often a direct encounter between the viewer and the artist, and the artwork is in some respect a function of this encounter. However, many performance works are created as a result of the artist´s desire to enter into a meditative situation, to engage in a practice focused on self-realization and introspection. How does such a motivation relate to the viewer? And how does the viewer get access to the creative process of performance art? Does the directness of the encounter between viewer and artwork make performance particularly suited to create an understanding for visual art in viewers that otherwise does not have such an interest?

Out there

Out there – performance art and nature

Many performance artists have engaged with nature, and it seems that performative action can serve as a way for artists to approach the highly problematic subject of nature. Performances usually entail a physical presence, and a corporeal engagement with the environment. The body is a special kind of matter as it is both object and subject, human and nature. To create performance art in natural surroundings can raise questions both about how the body can be understood as a piece of nature that is embedded into our cultural reality, as well as how it has become a cultural object, removed from the nature that it once both relied upon and was threatened by. In what way can performance art elucidate such questions?