Close encounters

Close encounters – the relationship between artist, artwork and viewer in performance art

Performance art is often a direct encounter between the viewer and the artist, and the artwork is in some respect a function of this encounter. However, many performance works are created as a result of the artist´s desire to enter into a meditative situation, to engage in a practice focused on self-realization and introspection. How does such a motivation relate to the viewer? And how does the viewer get access to the creative process of performance art? Does the directness of the encounter between viewer and artwork make performance particularly suited to create an understanding for visual art in viewers that otherwise does not have such an interest?


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  1. Hi , my name is Vincent Campos and I will take part to VenoGard Kunst really soon! I’m really exciting and curious to be part of this great event. So, I will exchange with oher artists in the pannel discussion “close encounters” and I think that’s very interesting to share our point of view concerning the actions, what we look for, things that happen during the action and maybe we can or cannot control it… see you soon!