Vincent Campos, France

Vincent Campos

“Floor Practice #1”, Grimmuseum 2013,
Photo: Monika Sobczak


My name is Vincent Campos and I was born in 1988, on a Wednesday particularly. I was always attracted since my childhood to story telling and also I invented stories with some puppets , dolls created with toilet paper. Seriously I began to start playing violin around 12 and then I enrolled in theatre practice in my High school and in other groups. I decided at 20 after 2 years of university in literature and science language to prepare the entrance exam of national schools of art and so one year later, I entered at the National school of fine art of Dijon where I spent 5 years. I ‘m now graduated of my master since June.


In my practice I’m interested about people interaction with my installations. I try to focus on the relationship between them and what they will experienced.

I question myself about shifts, burlesque, absurdity. Rituals,Transformation, fragility, instability interest me a lot. I like to play with environment, place and relate a poetic point of view with my actions. Presence is at the center of my work. Territory, directions,resonance are some points of reflexions.

Also, I experiment sound in my work like a material, an experience that can be felt with our entire body. I Work on objects created or founded and their particularities to reveal their potentiality. I mainly work on intsallation/sculpture, performance but also writing and etching/drawing.


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