Due to lack of funding Venø Gård Kunst International Performance Art Festival 2017 2-3 September has been canceled.

We strongly believe in the artists selected to take part in the 2017 festival. We believe that the proposed work would have been exceptionally strong and a valuable contribution to art. However we did not get positive response from our applications for public or private funding.

We are looking in to the possibility of organising an event for 2018, because we believe in the importance of art, the value of organising events in the local community and trying to engage and give a broad spectrum of audience access to art.

We will not give up on our motto Kindle, Unite, Nurture and Stimulate Thought. We believe it is more important than ever.


‘Venø Gård KUNST‘ is a two day International performance art festival, that invites Norwegian and International artists to Selje Kommune on the sublime island Venøy close to Stadlandet, which is the most westerly mainland point of Norway.

With art, which in Norwegian means ‘kunst’ one can Kindle, Unite, Nurture and Stimulate Thought.

Exploring new ways of communication and interaction away from mainstream culture is why we believe art is an important part of human life. Performance art is a good tool to strive for this, as it often takes risks by visiting new grounds and not conforming to preconceived ideas; and by also inviting international artists to the festival, we hope to help break down the limitations of language to allow a free flow of different perspectives.

Furthermore we believe that art events in rural districts will help the democratisation and decentralisation of art in turn making the districts more attractive for the new generation.

We invite all, young and old to come and experience KUNST together!