Claire Blundell Jones, England

"Ome", Lewisham Art House 2014, Photo: Chris Minchin

“Ome”, Lewisham Art House 2014, Photo: Chris Minchin


Artist statement
Claire Blundell Jones slips across drawing, performance, video and installations using dark humour to tickle at subjects most would avoid discussing, such as wasting time, alienation, intimacy, death, shame and doubt. Her wobbly-lined drawings or performance props try to lighten these heavy themes such as education sponsorship or death. There is also an endeavour to interact with and critique public spaces and galleries. It is all about trying to make the invisible visible. Examples include spending an exhibition drifting on a coracle just outside the gallery (2012), spooning strangers (2010) or using a leaf-blower to escort tumbleweeds around cities (2006-13).

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